Oh Dear Lord: This man has actually named his product a “condom”

Condom2134287877I’ve talked about unfortunately-named products before, but this absolutely takes the cake.

There’s a new product out called a Browser Condom.  

The description:

It’s and [sic] advanced technology that allow [sic] you to run any kind of software in your computer without a risk of be [sic] infected with any kindof [sic] virus, spyware, trojan and any kind of malware. (VTD) , Virtually  Transmitted Diseases.

The icon of the product is, well, a condom wrapper.

Why the name?   Was he inspired by the pictures of the Klik Revenue boys exuberantly playing with condoms?  Or the picturesque city of Condom, France?

There’s so much room for so much humor here, it’s difficult to contain oneself.

But I run a respectable blog here, really.  So I’ll let you do the dirty work:   Comment away…

Alex Eckelberry
(A copious acknowledgment to Paperghost, who blogged first about this.)


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